Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Antonio Mettivieri wins in Auvelais

Last Friday the club of Charleroi was hosting a WASPA tournament in Auvelais. Ten players competed in Swiss system and after four sessions, Antoinio Mettivieri was claimed winner as he was the only one to win all games. Christophe Dheur was runner-up and Jérôme Heyvaert took the third place. Great job by the "Carolos" ;-)

Final standings:
1. Antonio Mettivieri
2. Christophe Dheur
3. Jérôme Heyvaert
4. Bruno Timpano
5. Richard Boulanger
6. Vincent Guyaux
7. Tony Timpano
8. Vito Di Ruggiero
9. Maxime Vanimpe
10. Michaël Hallin

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