Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Some news from England and Finland

Great fun in Wolverhampton
On April 16 Wolverhampton Subbuteo Football Club was holding a tournament with the advanced rules. Congratulations to Mick Hammonds on winning the Easter Cup event! It came right down to the last game, with Mark Broadhurst coming second in his first tournament. Justin Scott was 3rd and Ian Keay took the 4th place. A top evening entertainment.

Joseph Kinrade
A bit earlier, on March 18, the Rio Fletcher Trophy took place in Nottingham. Joseph Kinrade took the honors after finishing on top of the table with 7 points. Colin Fletcher was runner-up, Brian Kinrade was 3rd, Ewan Kinrade 4th.

George Papadopoulos wins in Helsinki

We also got some late results from Finland. Five players met in Helsinki on January 14. George Papadopoulos defeated Robert Green in the final. it was a very international event with Kari Hakkarainen defeating Australia's Eliot Kennedy in the game for the third place.

Emmanuel Gorgette
During the recent Grand Prix of England in Harrow, two Plate events were organized under WASPA banner. The Open Plate had a small turnout of 4 but it was nice to see Emmanuel Gorgette from France defeated Belgium's Steffen Despretz to claim his first WASPA trophy.

Bob Green and Martin Blanchard
The Veterans Plate event was very international with 8 players from Belgium, England, the Isle of Man and Australia taking part. Australia's Bob Green defeated England's Martin Blanchard in the final to claim the tile.