Friday, 28 April 2017

Rémy Huynh wins in Bande

It was a great night of table football on Thursday in Bande, in the South of Belgium. 13 players met for the second tournament of the Wamme Subbuteo Club. Jean Grosdent deicded to concentrate on organizing things so that 12 players competed in Swiss system. Rémy Huynh won the evening with 12 points while Michaël Hallin was runner-up with 10 points. Benjamin Flamme was a surpring third in the final table.
M. Hallin - R. Huynh - B. Flamme - J. Grosdent

The final standings were as follows:
1. Rémy Huynh (Rochefort TS)
2. Michael Hallin (Temploux)
3. Benjamin Flamme (Rochefort TS)
4. Corentin Wauthy (Rochefort TS)
5. Pascal Droeven (Semois SC)
6. Luc Grosdent (SC Wamme)
7. Rémy Honet (JSC Rochefort)
8. Henri Grosdent (SC Wamme)
9. Kévin Depouhon (SC Wamme)
10. Aurore Grosdent (SC Wamme)
11. Taylor Rockens (SC Wamme)
12. Jarod Rockens (SC Wamme)