Monday, 10 April 2017

Good turnout of 16 in the Flanders

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The Easter holidays helped the SC Flanders club to attract a good field of 16 for their monthly tournament. Even 2 French players travelled to the Flanders to have some good games.

After the four sessions of the Swiss system, Geoffrey Marain finished on top with 12 points while Geert Leys had 10. Vincent Coppenolle and Jos Ceulemans had 9 points but Coppenolle took the third place thanks to a better goal-difference.

The final standings of the evening were as follows:
1. Geoffrey Marain
2. Geert Leys
3. Vincent Coppenolle
4. Jos Ceulemans
5. Michaël Dupret
6. Bart Van de Vliet
7. Frank Lannoy
8. Stéphane Lambert
9. Renald Deloose
10. Johan Lourdon
11. Willy De Bandt
12. Eric Caillaux (France)
13. Franck Santer (France)
14. Corentin Leroy
15. Benjamin Marain
16. Céline Marain

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