Friday, 14 April 2017

A good turnout for the Templeuve Easter Cup

12 players attended the Templeuve Easter Cup on Tuesday evening. As always games were played in Swiss system and there were many close games. Two players from AS Hennuyer, Steffen Despretz and Benoit Lagneau, were taking part and finished on top of the table. Despretz was the winner of the tournament with 10 points while Lagneau was runner-up with 9 points. Geoffrey Marain took the third place with 8 points and more goals scored than Vincent Coppenolle.

Final standings:
1. Steffen Despretz
2. Benoit Lagneau
3. Geoffrey Marain
4. Vincent Coppenolle
5. Stéphane Lambert
6. Franck Santer
7. Michaël Dupret
8. Eric Caillaux
9. Corentin Boltz
10. André Boltz
11. Florian Renaut
12. Axelle Descamps

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