Wednesday, 12 April 2017

MacKenzie Life Tournament 2017

This past Sunday saw the second annual McKenzielife Tournament. The hosting and prizes once again set a standard that other tournaments in Cape Town will struggle to match up to! Lots of goals, fun, the odd disagreement amongst the kids, a somewhat distracted (father-to-be) Wayne, a few newcomers watching and learning, and a large mess to tidy up before the host’s wife got home! Thanks to Wayne and everyone else for a wonderful afternoon's play.

Open standings:
1. Clinton Gahwiler
2. Angus Begg
3. John Fishlock
4. Grant Lewis
5. Wayne McKenzie
6. Rob Matthews
7. Heimo Schulzer

Juniors standings:
1. Rafael Gahwiler
2. Andy Killick
3. Tarek Schulzer
4. Hayley Lewis