Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Bratwurst Cup for Hermann Kruse

What is our sport all about? Is it trophies, big rooms, lots of players? Or is it a few friends getting together, having some matches, a lot of laughs, enjoying the fundamentals of the game, a few beers and some great sausages!!! There's a place for the former at the elite level, but for the majority of times, the latter leaves a better feeling. A great little tournament was staged for Northern Falcons players courtesy of Hermann Kruse, who dubbed it the first Bratwurst Cup! A night of sausages, beer and table football. What more could you ask for on a rainy Friday night? Steve and Jonty, and Hermann and Simon opened the night, with Steve slightly rattled by the thunderbolt shooting of Jonty. Despite leading twice, Jonty kept him on his toes before Steve won 3-2. Hermann was thwarted by some acrobatic saves by Simon, but edged the match 1-0. Neil hadn't flicked 'competitively' for a while, and despite gradually getting his flicking back, went down 3-0 to Steve, while Hermann started to strengthen his grip on the title with a 3-0 win over Jonty, then Neil got his mojo back with a 1-0 win over Simon. Steve and Hermann battled to a 0-0 draw, and Neil beat Jonty 1-0. When Steve was held 1-1 by Simon, after a cracking chip from Simon from close range, it was all for Hermann to claim the cup, which he did when he beat Neil 3-0.

A great night, and what better souvenir from the evening than a couple of Bratwurst each!!!

(Report by Steve Dettre)