Wednesday, 22 March 2017

TFAS CUP Plates Event

Plates players with TFAS President, Kok Wee, in the center
The Group games of the FISTF International Open TFAS CUP 2017 saw a few upsets and tight battles between opponents.

14 players were knocked out after the group games of the TFAS CUP 2017. However, they could still battle it out for the Consolation Plate prize in this Plates WASPA Event.

The top 2 out of the 14 players who had the most points from the group games earlier qualified straight into the Plates quarterfinals. The remaining 12 players would fight for the 6 remaining quarterfinal spots in the Plates barrage round.

After a tense quarterfinal and semi-final which followed soon after, Nic Tan and a young Isaac Lim managed to fight their way to the Plates Final.

People would have expected a much more experienced Nic to win over his much younger opponent with his strategic and precise play. However, Isaac exceeded all expectations and managed to win the final 1-0. Well done!

(Report by Anas Bin Rahamat)