Saturday, 18 March 2017

Rémi Soret on top in Templeuve

The runner-up and the winner
It was another good night of Subbuteo held on Friday in Templeuve, Belgium. A good turnout of 12 was present to play is Swiss system and among the players, two new junior players who made their WASPA debut. The night saw some good games with all favorites winning their game sin the first session before Rémi Soret defeated Vincent Coppenolle while Michaël Dupret and Geoffrey Marain tied. French player Rémi Soret later defeated Franck Sauter and tied in his final game against Geoffrey Marain to claim the title of the night. Thanks to a large win over Michaël dupret, Vincent Coppenolle took the second place of the tournament. Marain was 3rd, Dupret 4th, Eric Caillaux and Louis Soret share the 5th place. The next event in Belgium will be held in Pecq on March 21.