Thursday, 16 March 2017

Gareth Christie wins in Glasgow

Greg Dand and Gareth Chritis during the decisive shots
The third stage of the Scottish circuit took place in Glasgow on February 26 with 14 players taking part. Gareth Christie took the honors after defeating Greg Dand on shots after a great final (2-2). John Halpin won the game for the third place against Tom Burns.

The final standings of the day are as follows:
1. Gareth Christie
2. Greg Dand
3. John Halpin
4. Tom Burns
5. Dave Baxter
=. Andy Beskaby
7. Dave Gladman
=. Malcolm Lees
9. Ronnie McKenzie
10. Craig Thom
11. Rob Conway
12. Baver Bari
13. John Mathieson
14. Dave Minty

Gareth Christie is the leader of the Scottish circuit with 142 points while Tom Burns has 123 and both John Halpin and Malcolm Lees share the third place with 115 points.

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