Sunday, 19 March 2017

Big welcome to Argentina

Mariano Di Luozzo, Norberto Martinez, Marcelo Rossi & Gregorio Caro Solis

Semifinal Di Luozzo vs Martinez

Gregorio Caro Solis (champion) & Mariano Di Luozzo (2nd Place)
The very first WASPA tournament in Argentina took place on Saturday in Buenos Aires. Our local representative Mariano Di Luozzo explained that only four of the seven players supposed to attend finally showed up but it was a good day with a tournament held in two phases. The group stage decided de games for the play-offs. In the end, Gregorio Caro Solis (Buenos Aires Table Soccer) defeated Mariano Di Luozzo in the final by a clear 5-1 while Norberto Martinez was third, leaving Marcelo Rossi in fourth place. Huge thanks to Mariano for making things possible and making the dream come true to have some WASPA presence in a real country of football fanatics! Let's hope the WASPA presence will continue to grow in South America in the future!