Thursday, 28 July 2016

Spyros Stratoudakis wins the Greek Euro 2016

Over the last month the club of Flaming Flickers based in Athens, Greece had an amazing tournament played in the same system as the Euro 2016. Due to the high number of entries, 30 players competed in the Open tournament (6 groups of 5 players) while 5 juniors played their own tournament. Competitors were mostly players from the local club but there were also representatives of Atlas and Olympia. In the end, Spyros Stratoudakis (who was representing Germany in the tournament) was the winner as he defeated Giorgos Pitihoutis (2-1) in the final. Panos Patistas and Vassilis Dragossis were the losing semi-finalists. Vasilis Panagiotides finished on top of the junior tournament. It was an amazing event and players appreciated the fact the reference to the football tournament was so important. The Flaming Flickers are now finishing their "Copa America Centenario" tournament. Results will follow soon.

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