Sunday, 3 July 2016

Jérôme Heyvaert did it again in Auvelais

Players: Fabrice Guyaux and son, Dany Timmerman, Bruno Timpano, Richard Boulanger, Geoffrey Kelner.
Bottom: Jérôme Heyvaert and Vincent Guyaux
Final between Coppenolle and Heyvaert
This week-end there was Subbuteo action again in Auvelais (Belgium) where the local club "Etoile Sarthoise" was hosting a tournament that attracted 8 players. The group stage consisted in two groups of 8 and Jérôme Heyvaert (Charleroi) and Bruno Timpano (Seraing) ended as group winners. In the semis, Timpano lost to Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve) while Heyvaert defeated Richard Boulanger (Seraing). The final did not deliver any surprise as Jérôem heyvaert took the best on Coppenolle (4-1). Special thanks to brothers Vincent and Fabrice Guyaux for hosting a good day of table football in a positive and fair spirit.
More action in Belgium is expected for this Sunday in Vresse, for July 8 in the premises of the "Black devils" and in Templeuve on July 15.

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