Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A lot of action at the Major of Enderby

Final of event number 4 between Daley & Boyer
Final of the Flymo & Shedbuilder
Trophy between Canicchio & Candelas
During the recent Major of England in Enderby, several WASPA tournament have been played for eliminated players.

There was one WASPA event in the Open category, which was named The Trevor Spencer Cup. There were three WASPA events in the veterans for the third, fourth and fifth placed players. The third place cup was named The Flymo & Shedbuilder Trophy, named after the Subbuteo novel written by Terry Edge. There was also a small event on Sunday, The Major of England Sunday.
The two main characters - Flymo & Shedbuilder - aka Terry Edge and Paul O'Donovan

Results were as follows:

Event 1 final (Open category):
Lawrence Alvarez (Gibraltar) - Mark Farrell (Ireland) 1-1*

Event 2 final (Veterans category):
Lucio Canicchio (Italy) - Julio Candelas (Spain) 2-0

Event 3 final (Veterans category):
Andy Boyer (England) - Brian Daley (England) 2-3

Event 4 final (Veterans category):
Robert Conway (Scotland) - Tony McCann (England) 1-1*

Event 5 ranking (The Major of England Sunday):
1. David Busch - Austria
2. Frank Stiller - Germany
3. Howard Romain - England

U19 final:
Connor Bowden (England) - Paul Naszalyi (France) 1-2

U15 final:
Louis Singh (England) - Thomas Price (England) 2-1

U12 final:
Carlos Pinto (Spain) - Joshua Foreman (England) 2-3

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