Sunday, 17 July 2016

Eid Mubarak July WASPA 2016

After almost a month of no flicks the boys of Jurong CSC came back to the club hungry to play, with several of them  high with the festive mood of Eid Mubarak syndrome. 12 players came but only 9 were able to participate in the competitive July tournament.

The players were drawn into 3 main groups (A, B & C) of 3 where the top from each group qualify to the Cup Group followed by the runners up qualifying in the Plate Group while the last in the group qualifying in the Bowl group. The groups after the draw:-

Main Groups
Group A - Rudy, Nic Tan & Fauzi
Group B - Noor Haikal, Anas & Fino
Group C - Simon, Irwan & Vikas

After the group games, Rudy, Anas & Vikas qualified tops while Fauzi, Noor Haikal & Irwan qualify in the Plates group while Nic, Fino & Simon filled the Bowl group.

The games were thigh & close but in the end Rudy came up tops in the tournament with Anas 2nd & Vikas 3rd. Fauzi won the Plates group while Nic won the bowl group.

Finally, we applauded  the best dressed players, namely Fino & Irwan who were then invited to be the Guest Of Honour to hand over the prizes to the winners.

In behalf of Jurong Central SC, we wish all of you a Eid Mubarak & well wishes to all.

The final standings
1st - Rudy
2nd - Anas
3rd - Vikas
4th - Fauzi
5th - Noor Haikal
6th - Irwan
7th - Nic Tan
8th - Simon
9th - Fino

(Report by Rudy Hesty)

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