Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pretoria: Celebrations all the way

Saturday 18 April 2015, Pretoria, South Africa 
The cold and wet weather in Pretoria did not stop the celebrations on Saturday. There were 5 reasons to celebrate - firstly, the (belated) celebration of the 2nd year of existence of Pretoria Flickers Club. Secondly - the birthday of club chairman, Julian vd Merwe on Friday 17th April - many happy returns !! These two events were celebrated with a specially baked birthday cake bearing the PFC club logo!
The third reason - PFC welcomed three debutants to their midst, namely Adam Murray, Rowin Wilson and Sherwin Reed !!!
The fourth reason - the unveilling of PFC's newest playing pitch : "The Black Bay". Check the link below for "The Making of The Black Bay" :
The Black Bay - Presentation
The fifth reason - a first WASPA title for Bevin Reed!
We had 8 players, split into two groups with 4 "regulars" in one group and 4 "newcomers" in the second group. The players in each group played each other twice in a mini-league setup, ensuring that each player got to play 6 games on the day. Bevin was off to a good start, recording a 2-0 win against debutant Sherwin Reed. In match 18, Bevin beat Rowin Wilson by 1-0 and that result clinched the title as Bevin had a 4 point lead over his closest challenger, Jayden vd Merwe, with only 1 round of matches left to go. Jayden proved the strongest in the "regular" field, recording 3 wins and 3 draws - an undefeated run which earned him the runner's up spot. Kegan vd Merwe, who normally does well in this event (2013 winner, 2014 runner up), could only manage 5 draws and had to settle for 6th place overall this time round. The final match, Match 24, ended Bevin Reed (2) - (0) Adam Murray - a result which also handed Bevin an undefeated run on the day - but also a run without conceding a goal in all of his 6 matches! A special mention must go to Adam Murray and Rowin Wilson who managed 3rd and 5th place finishes overall on their very first event - well done! In the end - Celebrations all the way, and congrats to Bevin Reed for his first WASPA tile - and Bevin was awarded the honour of "slicing the birthday cake(s)"!

Final Standings
1st - Bevin Reed : 16p
2nd - Jayden van der Merwe : 12p
3rd - Adam Murray : 8p
4th - Chessray Jooste : 7p
5th - Rowin Wilson : 6p
6th - Kegan van der Merwe : 5p
7th - Julian van der Merwe : 5p
8th - Sherwin Reed : 3p

(Report by Kegan van der Merwe)

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