Sunday, 12 April 2015

Peter Alegi takes the Michigan Spring Classic

Nathan Pate (left) and Chris Sweetland played to a scoreless draw in the Spring Classic
On Saturday, April 11, a WASPA tournament took place at the Woodland Sports complex in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was the first official event of the year organized by the Michigan Subbuteo Table Football Association and a warm up to the FISTF Satellite "Flicko de Mayo" scheduled for May 2. Peter Alegi won the Spring Classic with four victories and no goals conceded, with Nathan Pate just edging out his dad, Paul, for second place. Chris Sweetland (from Chicago) and Alex Galarza rounded out the table during a fun and competitive afternoon of flicking. Unfortunately, Mike Ewer was a last-minute scratch due to illness.

Nathan Pate - Peter Alegi 0-2
Chris Sweetland - Alex Galarza 2-0
A. Galarza - N. Pate 0-3
P. Alegi - Paul Pate 3-0
C. Sweetland - P. Alegi 0-1
A. Galarza - P. Pate 0-2
A. Galarza - P. Alegi 0-3
N. Pate - C. Sweetland 0-0
N. Pate - P. Pate 1-0
P. Pate - C. Sweetland 1-0

Final Table
P. Alegi 12 pts
N. Pate 7 pts
P. Pate 6 pts
C. Sweetland 4 pts
A. Galarza 0 pts

(Report by MiSTFA)

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