Tuesday, 21 April 2015

England: trophies for Lee Fenton, Gianpaolo Vitulano and Andrew Garbutt

Several tournaments have been played this week-end in England. On friday, the Coulsdon Subbuteo Club hosted a small event where Lee Fenton took the honors while Colin Lindsey was second and Scott Freeman was third.
Gianpaolo Vitulano receives trophy from Rudi Peterschinigg
On sunday, the Harrow league had a tournament played by five players as a group robin. Gianpaolo Vitulano took the first place after winning three games and drawing with Kevin Cordell. Kevin was second, Luca Martinelli was third, Rudi peterschinigg fourth and Matthias Peterschinigg fifth.

On sunday, the Lincoln Flickers celebrated their fifth anniversary tournament with a good event played by 12 players. Andrew Garbutt defeted Jeremy Boothman in the final (3-0). Andy Boyer and Brett Price were the semi-finalists.

Congratulations to all.