Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Chris Kaberry wins in North Shields

North Shields SC hosted its 2nd WASPA tournament this weekend and once again, Chris Kaberry took the honours.  Only four players were involved this time but, as usual, the competition was tight and enjoyed by all.  Round 1 saw Chris and Jeff play a close game with few chances.  A well worked move 6 minutes from time gave Chris the win 1-0. Andy failed to take his chances against Dave who scored his first ever WASPA goal to win 1-0. Chris gave Dave a lesson in finishing in game two winning 5-0 whilst Andy and Jeff fought out another close match. Once again, Andy failed to take chances and let Jeff get behind his defence to win 1-0. The final session saw two very close games.  Andy played a superb defensive game against Chris and deserved a 0-0 draw whilst Jeff beat Dave 1-0.  Big thank you to Andy Mill for his hospitality. Look forward to seeing everyone at NETFA Teeside on Friday night!

(Report by Chris Kaberry)