Friday, 24 April 2015

David Busch takes the promotional event in Ebreichsdorf

This thursday's WASPA promotional event had a small tournout of four and a world class player as winner: David Busch again. The guy is on a top level at the moment, his goal a few minutes before the end brought Sanremo back to Seria A last week-end. So it was no surprise that he had no problems to take the trophy yesterday:

David Busch - Thomas Eppensteiner 8-1
Lukas Eppensteiner - Jürgen Lizar 1-4
Thomas Eppensteiner - Lukas Eppensteiner 3-2
Jürgen Lizar - David Busch 2-4
Thomas Eppensteiner - Jürgen Lizar 1-0
Lukas Eppensteiner - David Busch 1-4

Final ranking:
David - 3 wins, 9 points
Thomas - 2 wins, 6 points
Jürgen - 1 win, 3 points
Lukas no win

There will be another WASPA waspa promotional on the 1st of May. In the evening before IO in Traiskirchen Thomas Eppensteiner  will organize a small tournament with some hungarian guys in Ebreichsdorf.