Saturday, 3 January 2015

Report of December 2014 - Updated results file - Review of 2014

Hello everybody, first of all, happy new year to all the flickers around the world. I hope 2015 will give you the chance to achieve all your goals in your personal life but also in the Subbuteo world.

Here is the monthly results file of the WASPA circuit. I hope you will like it.


This month, despite 77 players attended a WASPA tournament for the first time, we don't have a real increase in the number of ranked players because we had some huge tournament in December 2012 but many of the players of that time haven't played in the WASPA since then and therefore they have been removed of the ranking. We are happy to be now up at 1469 players from 38 different nations.

December was also a very good month because we had the first tournament in Japan after three years, the first tournament of the season in Malta, the second tournament in France and some good numbers from some nations with 2 events in the US, 3 in Australia, 3 in Belgium, 3 in Cyprus, 3 in South Africa (in 3 different cities) and 4 in England (in 4 different cities). We were also happy to see tournaments in Italy in Firenze and Catanzaro but the big question for the future is to know how to attract more subbuteo clubs in Italy. Italy is the power of table football with more than 100 clubs and it remains small in the WASPA circuit, which is very sad. The last important point for December 2014 is that besides 22 regional tournaments, 5 "promotional" tournaments have been played, which is also positive.

Of the first 4 months of the season, we can be very positive because 22 nations have already organized WASPA events and the 93 tournaments have attracted 541 different players. Hopefully we can continue to grow in 2015.

We can also remember positive things about the year 2014. More than 230 "regional tournaments" have been played. New nations have joined and we are glad that subbuteo is taking off in Malaysia and Indonesia. WASPA tournaments have also been held for the first time in France, Hungary, Switzerland and Austria. WASPA is having a major role in nations such as Australia, Scotland, South Africa, Cyprus, Singapore and the US and we are very happy about it. The hopes for 2015 is to have more presence in the different nations of Southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Greece) and to get tournaments in new nations such as Norway, Israël, Czech Republic, Brazil and Argentina, maybe also a come-back in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, FInland) and Canada.

WASPA is trying to become stronger but we will need ideas of everyone to keep on growing.

We are very happy to work together in a very positive way with FISTF. Thanks a million times to Mr Alan Collins, the FISTF President, who has understood that WASPA and FISTF are not rival associations and that both bodies should work together for the good of the game.

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Have a great week-end,

Vincent Coppenolle and the WASPA Board

Some images of the month
Action of the U15 circuit in Cyprus
Templeuve national tournament: the club was celebrating its 25th birthday
Action in Singapore with Anas Rahamat's first victory

A big show in Johannesburg, South Africa

Good fun in Puylaurens, France

The Holiday Silver finalists in maryland

WASPA is back in Japan

Tournament in Augusta, Georgia (USA)

Kent Invicta TFC had a good event last week-end