Saturday, 10 January 2015

A nice trophy for Thomas Busch

This thursday 7 players attended the WASPA tournament in Ebreichsdorf (Austria). In group 1 David Busch and Thomas Busch met in a familiy duel. Thomas, actually very busy with family and job and not in training, beat his brother David, semi-finalist of the Grand Prix of Vienna, for the first time this evening. Altough Thomas Eppensteiner did his best, he failed in the group against them. In the second group there no unexpected results, Alexander Haas was the best player with two easy wins. Iin the semis, David had two glorious half-times against Alex with perfect shots and world-class flicks, 5-1 at the end for him. David's brother Thomas reached the final too after his win, so there was family busines again! Thomas and David have played approximatly one million times against each other during the last 30 years, they know each other very well. But this time Thomas was able to surprise his brother with a fast goal in the begining and a game full of routine, to earn the victory. Congratulations to Thomas Busch! That's all for january, hopefully we will see two tournaments in february in Austria!

(Report with the help of Thomas Eppensteiner)