Sunday, 18 January 2015

A first trophy for Jean-François Balard

The club of Puylaurens (France) ran their third WASPA tournament on friday with a good turnout of 13 players. In the end of the evening, Jean-François Balard took the trophy after beating Serge Leroy (1-1 and shots) in the final. Roger Trouillard and Thomas Balard were the semi-finalists.

A few facts were worth mentionning:
- a former club player, Frédéric Bévilacqua, came back after three years;
- games were played in 2 halves of 10 minuted. There were no seeds but groups were balanced;
- Alexandre Marc, finalist of the previous event, managed to tie with Jean-François Balard (1-1) in the group stage;
- Thomas Balard was the surprising runner-up in the group of 5;
- Frédéric Bévilacqua also managed to qualify for the barrages;
- in the barrages the game between Alexandre Marc and Roger Trouillard was the revenge of the final of the previous tournament;
- the semi between Jean-François Balard and his son Thomas Balard was decided in the last 25 second when Jean-François scored the winning goal;
- the event ended at about 1 in the night!
- Serge Leroy hasn't lost a game in three WASPA events after regular time;
- Appointment has been made by all for the next event.