Friday, 16 January 2015

No surprise: Geoffrey Marain wins again

After the final: Rémi Soret and Geoffrey Marain
Ten players attended the monthly event of the Templeuve United club in Belgium. There was a special guest as France's Rémi Soret was taking part. Rémi was the finalist of the recent FISTF International Open in Eugies and was therefore the clear favorite for the win. Rémi lost the final to Geoffrey Marain (1-2), which proves Geoffrey is still very motivated in WASPA events. Congrats also to Eddy Beernaert for winning the consolation tournament.
Rémi Soret and Eddy Beernaert

Sébastien Devreese and Renald Deloose

A part of the players

Kimberley Devreese and Alain Flament