Friday, 6 June 2014

WASPA report of May 2014

Hello, you will find the monthly report of MAY 2014 here:

First of all, I want to inform you FISTF has a brand new website at and I am sure it's a great improvement for the official world body.

This month we had some exciting news:
- we had the first tournament ever in the Netherlands with a great field of 16 players. Thanks to the club of GSV de Hyacinth for the support.
- 2 other Dutch players competed in a tournament in Germany.  Special congratulations to Richard Stolwijk for being one of the oldest subbuteo tournament winners ever!
- Malaysia is now part of the subbuteo family. We have had the first 2 events in the country thanks to the great job of Jamie Kong. More events will follow soon. Jamie is also very active to organize several exhibitions in different places to promote the game and to recruit new players.
- There were exciting tournaments in Scotland, Cyprus, Greece, Belgium, the USA, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, England, Austria and Italy.
- a tournament played with the old rules in Italy will be added in the next ranking (we haven't received the results yet).

As for the rankings:
- we have now 1296 (+46) ranked players from 36 (+2) nations
- the Netherlands and Malaysia are the new nations
- Giannis Metaxas (Greece) is now in the top 5 of this season's ranking
- 19 regional tournaments, 1 tournament with the old rules and 2 promotional tournaments held in May 2014 counted for the new ranking

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Again, thanks to all players and organizers for the continued support over the last few months. So much support is a best reason to keep on working for the game!

Yours sincerely,

Vincent Coppenolle