Friday, 27 June 2014

Simone Trivelli wins the final stage of the WASPA Lazio League

On june 25 the club of SS Lazio in Italy organized the last stage of the WASPA Lazio League 2013-2014 with the usual swiss system and 10 players taking part. Once again the winner was Simone Trivelli who won his four games and had a perfect evening. This season Trivelli was on top of the WASPA Lazio League with six wins in eight stages and only one loss out of 32 games.

But the statement last night was not taken for granted: the last round of play Simone Trivelli was opposed to PaoloBarone, both 9 points, and it was a tough and balanced match in which Barone was very close to draw and then share the win of the tournament. Five minutes before the end of the game, Trivelli scored the decisive goal.

Behind Trivelli, three players had 9 points and were classified as according to the rule of the "value of the opponents". Paolo Barone was therefore second while Stefano Tagliaferri and Claudio Paolino shared the third place. The fifth place with 6 points ggoes to Marco Moretti, while Mario Lo Iacono takes the sixth position leaving Luigi Aniballi for the seventh quotient opponents (both players, in fact, have concluded the tournament with 4 points). They are followed by Simone Lo Iacono, Ernesto Poncetta and finally with zero points Riccardo Galieti.

The final general classification of the WASPA Lazio League 2013-2014 sees a podium with Simone Trivelli (186), Stefano Tagliaferri (145) and both Claudio Paolino (132) and Paul Barone (132) sharing the third place.