Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Subbuteo Pizza Invitational from South Queensferry Bowling Club

4 players were playing in their first ever event while another 2, Daryl Shanks and Allan Manson were playing their first event since the Dumfries Club of Solway Seagulls folded a few years ago.

The event was run as an end of season fun event for HCE players who have come a long way in not a long time. In January we had no regular club and now 6 months later we have a regular venue in South Queensferry and about 20 players in total. We hope we can expand even more next season and start to encourage more youth players along.

The event itself was a 4 round swiss system, with everyone placed in the one table, no referees were used during the tournament to encourage complete fair play.

The event was always going to be a tight affair and so it proved as the top 4 players all finished on the same  number of points with only goal difference separating them.  Kev Christopher looked like he was heading for the title in the final game after leading Malc Lees 1-0 at half time but a late equaliser for Old Man Malc ensured there would be a 4 way tie and thanks to a fairly emphatic win earlier in the day, Malc took the overall title of “Subbuteo & Pizza Invitational” ahead of Terry Brown, Kev and Dave Allen on goal difference.

6 of the top 7 players finished the day unbeaten which shows how tight the competition was and special mention has to go to Baver Bari and Craig Lynch for not losing a single game!

John Marshall was the best placed finisher of the new players who had come along and to that end took the gold medal in the Novice Category

Everyone had a cracking day and it was a fitting end to a great season for the club who had looked in pretty bad shape at the turn of the year.

(Report by Mike Burns)

Final standings of the Subbuteo Pizza Invitational:

1. Malc Lees 8pts +8gd
2. Terry Brown 8pts +6gd
3. Dave Allen 8pts +3gd
3. Kev Christopher 8pts +3gd
5. Daryl Shanks 7pts +4gd
6. Craig Lynch 6pts +4gd
7. Baver Bari 6pts +4gd
8. Mike Burns 5pts +0gd
8. John Marshall 5pts +0gd
10. Andreas Drewer 4pts -3gd
11. Allan Manson 4pts - 4gd
12. Neil Christopher 3pts -1gd
13. Tim Ingleby 3pts -6gd
13. Ray Davies 3pts -6gd
15. “Daves Mate” Brian Lee 1pt -9gd