Sunday, 15 June 2014

Kai Hagenkötter wins Lohmar Open Air

Subbuteo-presentation in Lohmar - Day One with (left to right): Vicky & Thossa Büsing, Horst Becker, Frank Hagenkötter, Michael Bordach and Dieter Sauerwein.
On the weekend of June 14/15 a Subbuteo-Presentation was part of the city festival in Lohmar. In the 70´s and 80´s a lot of legendary players from Germany came from the former club SF Lohmar 72, especially Horst Becker and Michael Bordach. Both won in 1987 in Birmingham the European Championships for Germany. On saturday, after a break of more than 25 years, the old friends came together for a revival match:

Horst Becker - Michael Bordach 0:0 in the old days: Horst Becker vs Michael Bordach.
Of course they played like in the past, with flat figures, large ball and old rules. On sunday a small WASPA tournament took part with six players from the clubs of Bergkamen, Dortmund and Hitdorf, inclusive the former Lohmar players Axel and Wolfgang Schneider (now Hitdorf). They played a league mode with 1 x 20 minutes playing time.
Frank Hagenkötter introduced kids from Lohmar to the game.
Here are the results:
Kai Hagenkötter - Frank Hagenkötter 1:1
Kai Hagenkötter - Axel Schneider 3:0    
Kai Hagenkötter - Dieter Sauerwein 1:0    
Kai Hagenkötter - Patrick Schneider 3:0
Kai Hagenkötter - Wolfgang Schneider 2:0
Frank Hagenkötter - Wolfgang Schneider 1:3
Frank Hagenkötter - Axel Schneider 1:1
Frank Hagenkötter - Dieter Sauerwein 4:1
Frank Hagenkötter - Patrick Schneider 2:0
Wolfgang Schneider - Axel Schneider 2:0
Wolfgang Schneider - Dieter Sauerwein 2:2
Wolfgang Schneider - Patrick Schneider 3:0
Axel Schneider - Patrick Schneider 4:1
Axel Schneider Dieter Sauerwein 0:0
Dieter Sauerwein - Patrick Schneider 2:0
And the winner is: Kai Hagenkötter

Final ranking:
1. Kai Hagenkötter (TSL Dortmund 61)
2. Wolfgang Schneider (SF SW Hitdorf)
3. Frank Hagenkötter (TSL Dortmund 61)
4. Axel Schneider (SF SW Hitdorf)
5. Dieter Sauerwein (Borussia Bergkamen)
6. Patrick Schneider (SF SW Hitdorf)

(Report by Thossa Büsing)