Sunday, 8 June 2014

Double Delight for Jayden van der Merwe

Saturday 7th June 2014, Pretoria, South Africa : A cold Pretoria day did not stop the action as 25 goals were scored in total, with 10 of those goals belonging to the eventual tournament winner, Jayden van der Merwe. The success for Jayden means he enjoyed back to back titles as he also won the PFC Challenge Cup in May 2014 – “Double Delight”. Jayden also boasted the fastest goal on the day during Match 5 : Jayden (2) v (0) Chessray – Jayden opened the scoring after only 39s of play !
The game of the day came in Match 8 : Jayden (3) v (2) Julian – a 5 goal thriller whereby Jayden got the winner with 10s left to play – Julian’s making a habit of conceding late !!! Those who were present believe it was this result which handed Jayden the title, as he showed real fight back to take the lead on 3 occasions ! A draw in Match 10 would have been enough to hand Jayden the title, but Kegan had other ideas as the match ended : Kegan (2) v (1) Jayden – inflicting Jayden’s only loss of the day. The event was sealed for Jayden as late as Match 11– Chessray (0) v (1) Jayden.
In the final match (Match 12) : Julian (0) v (1) Kegan, the goal coming with only 28s left on the clock & the result ensured a 2nd place finish for Kegan – a move in the right direction for Kegan as he improves on his 3rd place finish during the PFC Challenge Cup of May 2014.
Final Standings :
Jayden van der Merwe – 13p
Kegan van der Merwe – 10p
Chessray Jooste – 7p
Julian van der Merwe – 4p
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(Report by Julian van der Merwe)