Monday, 23 June 2014

The honors for Alberto Gagliaridi in Tolentino

This saturday 10 players attended the "world cup" tournament held in Tolentino (Italy) by the club of Macerata. There were two groups of five players and then a knock-out stage. Alberto Gagliardi won the tournament after beating Stefano Gambella by a clear 3-0 in the final. Stefano Giammusso won the consolation final against Marco Cesari to take the third place.

Final table of the tournament:
1) Alberto Gagliardi
2) Stefano Gambella
3) Andrea Giammusso
4) Marco Cesari
5) Pietro Mattioli
6) Fabio Fabi
7) Alessandro Mattioli
8) Lorenzo Morresi
9) Marco Pantanetti
10) Emiliano Pantanetti