Thursday, 11 July 2019

News from Australia - Action in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

Australia has been one of the most active nations in the WASPA circuit in the last few weeks. Some results have not been published yet so here is a summary.

In Perth, local players competed in their June tournament. Yan Yew Loy managed to win another tournament after finishing on top of a group of five with Alan Kimber being runner-up. Later in June, Perth players had the visit of Singapore Tan Kok Wee and Tan Yi De. Tan Kok Ween won the small gathering after finishing on top of a group of four.

Brisbane also held a tournament with the usual players. Gus Gillespis defeated Giuseppe tardiota in the final to claim to trophy while Gareth Whalley won the game for the third place against New Zealand's Gareth Whalley.

Melbourne TFC was also in action in June with a tournament attracting the neighbor players of the Northern Phoenix club. Luke Radziminski finished on top of a group of 4 with Paul Mercer being runner-up.

In the first day of July, Sydney TFC was holing a tournament in their new venue. Fabrizio Coco defeated Daniele Lombardi on shots in the final while Hermann Kruse and Kostas Barbaris made it to the semis. 9 players were taking part.

Another event held under the banner of Melbourne TFC was played in July with a great field of players and Banji Batten took the honors after defeating Luke Radziminski.

Northern Falcons tournament (report by Steve Dettre)

Sydney TFC's Fabrizio made the long trek north to the final farewell event for Hermann Kruse, Oli and Hermine Ollnow and recovered from a slow start to claim the Northern Falcons WASPA #5-2019.

With Hermann, Oli and Hermine due to fly back to Germany next Monday, a suitable send-off was staged, with Melbourne's Paul Mercer flying up specially for the evening, and Johnny Ball delaying his drive back to Canberra to play.

Group one started sensationally, with Steve taking a 3-0 lead against Fabrizio before Fab pulled a late goal back. Fab then edged Western Sydney's Adrian Elmer 1-0, before Adrian bowed out with a 2-0 loss to Steve.

Eliot Kennedy and Oli took top spots in Group 2, with Johnny Ball and Neil Brener pushing them hard. In Group 3, Hermann and Paul dominated, but Jonty Brener pushed them all the way. The Barrage matches saw Fab start hitting his form, eliminating Hermann 2-0, before Oli beat Paul 1-0 on shots.

Oli then kept his edge over Steve, scoring in the first three minutes and holding off persistent pressure in the second period, while Fabrizio scored 30 seconds from time to beat Eliot 2-1. In the final, Fab was in full force and ran out a 2-0 winner.

Many thanks to all who attended, and to the Willoughby Park club. We look forward to hearing of the exploits of Hermann, Oli and Hermine in Germany.

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