Sunday, 7 July 2019

Latest results from England

John Turpin v Brandon Lavender
The English Subbuteo Association organized two tournaments last week-end in Bagworth, Leicestershire. The Saturday event was played in Swiss system with Elliott Bellefontaine winning his five games to claim the title. Brandon Lavender was runner-up while Ireland's Mark Farrell took the third place; The final standings were as follows:
Brian Daley vs Elliott Bellefontaine

Martin Blanchard vs Mark Farrell
Final table:
1. Elliott Bellefontaine 10 points (13-1)
2. Brandon Lavender 7 points (11-4)
3. Mark Farrell 7 points (11-6)
4. Marco Ghigliotti 7 points (9-6)
5. Brian Daley 6 points (10-5)
6. Martin Blanchard 6 points (10-9)
7. Aaron Skinner 6 points (5-5)
8. Rudi Peterschinigg 5 points (9-6)
9. Jeremy Bradley 4 points (9-6)
10. Paul Andreas 4 points (9-10)
11. John Turpin 4 points (8-10)
11. Panos Stemitsiotis 4 points (8-10)
13. Brian Kinrade 4 points (7-9)
14. Gavin Gurney 3 points (10-15)
15. Joseph Kinrade 3 points (8-12)
16. Lucasz 0 points (3-25)

Chris Thomas vs chris Short
On Sunday, the Masters event was played between 12 players. After the group stage, close semi-finals saw Chris Short defeated Marf Farrell while Chris Thomas beat Brandon Lavender. Chris Thomas later won the final (3-1) against Chris Short.

Richard Stock
In Liverpool, Brian Daley won the monthly Liverpool TSC tournament after defeating Anthony Dry in the final. Lucasz Whittle and Jim Hannah reached the semis. Liverpool TSC will organize a tournament on July 27 at the Ellergreen community center. Interested players should contact Brian Daley for details.

Finally, the Stoke on Trent tournament held on June 23 had an amazing field of 29 players from many different clubs. The tournament was played with advanced rules. Richard Stock (London Road SC) won the tournament for the third time in a row after defeating Adam Lundy in the final. Colin Fletcher and Justin Scott reached the semi-finals. Richard won three tournaments in succession, played 23 matches, won 21, drew 2, scored 42 goals conceding only one and that was in this years final. Congratulations to the organizers for the great tournament.


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  2. The Stoke tournament was an Oldsubbuteo event played to the theme 'Second Division 1978' whereby each player used a Top Spin team specially painted by Mr Paul Lloyd .. and a fine job he certainly did ..