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Belgium: results from Bande, Huy and Templeuve

Several events have been held in Belgium during the second part of June. Here is a brief summary of results.

A great turnout of 16 in Bande
In Bande, two tournaments have been organized by the club of Wamme as a good way to practice before the FISTF European Championships. Rochefort TS player Corentin Wauthy claimed the honors, finishing on top of the Swiss ladder with just more goals scored than Benoît Massart (Temploux) while returning player Raphaël Maillard managed to take the third spot. 16 players were taking part!

Final table:
1. Corentin Wauthy
2. Benoît Massart
3. Raphaël Maillard
4. Michaël Roberty
5. Luc Grosdent
6. Henri Grosdent
7. Bruno Mottet
8. Jean Grosdent
9. Michaël Hallin
10. Jérémy Ancion
11. Junior Travieso
12. Giulio Bonfanti
13. Aurore Grosdent
14. Martin Antoine
15. Daniel Boistelle
16. Lulani Verhoeven

The other event in Bande took place on June 27 with 12 players competing in Swiss system. Jean Grosdent won the event with 10 points and a few more goals scored than Thierry Magermans (Temploux).

Only happy faces - That's the way to go
Final table:
1. Jean Grosdent
2. Thierry Magermans
3. Mathéo Grégoire
4. Michaël Roberty
5. Michaël Hallin
6. Aurélien Feye
7. Basile Magermans
8. Jérémy Ancion
9. Maxim Grosdent
10. Daniel Boistelle
11. Aurore Grosdent
12. Henri Grosdent

In Huy seven players competed on June 26in a round robin with Bruno Timpano being undefeated to win the trophy while Ralf Grégoire was runner-up thanks to more goals scored than Geoffrey Kelner.

Final table:
1. Bruno Timpano
2. Ralf Grégoire
3. Geoffrey Kelner
4. Richard Boulanger
5. Dany Mlynek
6. Sébastien Dohet
7. Lara Schmeits

Players in the Templeuve tournament won by Geoffrey Marain (right)
The Templeuve club had another visit of Romania's Cezar Stoilescu on June 25 and this time there was no mercy by Geoffrey Marain who claimed another title, winning all his games in a very easy way.

Final table:
1. Geoffrey Marain
2. Matthias Averlant
3 (tied). Eric Caillaux
3 (tied). Vincent Coppenolle
5. Elodie Bertholet
6. Benjamin Marain
7. Cezar Stoilescu
8 (tied). Sébastien Sorge
8 (tied). Arthur Clique

Also in Templeuve, a promotional event held earlier in the month had a small turnout of four but many close games were played in a fair spirit. Eric Caillaux took the honors, finishing on top of the round robin.

Final table:
1. Eric Caillaux
2. Olivier Bodelle
3. Sébastien Sorge
4. Islam Belahcen

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