Monday, 29 October 2018

More October tournaments in Belgium

Several events have been played in Belgium in the last few days.

In Verviers, there was a small event on Friday with 5 players for those who didn't attend the European Cups. In the end of the group stage, Daniel Scheen finished on top with 4 wins to claim the title.

Final standings:
1. Daniel Scheen
2. Jean-Michel Cuenca (Spain)
3. Philippe Roufosse
4. Salvatore Visconti
5. Benoit Vanwissen

The club of Vresse had an Halloween tournament on Sunday with a good turnout of 10 players and some occasional players taking part. Everybody had 5 games Renaud Parisel finished on top with the same number of points but more goals scored than Pascal Droeven.

Renaud vs Marc

Final standings:
1. Renaud Parisel
2. Pascal Droeven
3. Philippe Van Kerm
4. Tom Léonard
5. Grégory Berte
6. Patrick Vanderlinden
7. Philippe Thys
8. Pascal Tiste
9. Marc De Vos
10. Michaël Paquay

Philippe Thys (right) here with Jos Ceulemans
In Bande, a "promotional event" had a small turnout of 4 among local players. Philippe Thys defeated Aurore Grosdent in shootout after both players ended the group stage with 7 points. This is Philippe's first WASPA title.

Final standings:
1. Philippe Thys
2. Aurore Grosdent
3. Maxim Grosdent
4. Lulani Verhoeven

Top 3 of the evening
Finally, the Templeuve United club had also a "promotional event" on Friday. 8 players competed in a group stage with 7 sessions of 20 minutes. The games of Matthias Averlant and Vincent Coppenolle didn't count for the final table. Michaël Dupret (Magic Team Tournai) took the honors after winning his 5 tournament games. There were some surprises in the end of the evening with Olivier Bodelle being runner-up and Arthur Clique finishing in third place after proving to be a very improving player. More importantly there were 3 U15 players among competitors, proving the club is trying to get some new blood.

Final standings:
1. Michaël Dupret
2. Olivier Bodelle (France)
3. Arthur Clique
4. Eric Caillaux (France)
5. Islam Belahcen
6. Abdurahman Fahad (Iraq)

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