Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Monthly standings of August 2017

Dear Subbuteo fans, here are the WASPA standings at the end of the season. August has been another great month as we added 30 tournaments in the records (26 regional, 2 promotional events, 2 national cups, 2 with the old rules). 22 players have attended their very first WASPA tournament and we have 1612 different players in the rankings. 1086 different players have attended tournaments under WASPA banner this season and we are very pleased about it. over the season, we managed to reach 3328 individual entries at tournament, it's far better than during the seasons 2015-2016 (3024), 2014-2015 (2981), 2013-2014 (2634) and 2012-2013 (1584). The circuit is growing and we can be pleased to have 367 different tournaments (in 28 countries) during the season. Belgium (56) organized more events but Australia (52) and England (46) were also very active.

Japanese players in action
Back to what happened in August, we are pleased to announce that 2 clubs have organized their very first WASPA tournament: the Halandri Hawks in Greece and Garage Soccer in Florida, USA. Welcome to them! Australia was the most active nation with 4 regional tournaments being held this month.

Greek friends playing under WASPA banner
A few things to point out about next season (starting on September 1):
- Transferts: many players usually decide to change club. When I get the FISTF database, I will update the WASPA records but sometimes we have issues with players deciding to play for a different club in the WASPA circuit. Feel free to e-mail me at to report special situations;
- Top clubs: For the first season, the "top clubs" project managed to have 17 clubs involved. Congratulations to Jurong Central SC (Singapore) for finishing on top. I'm sure our friends from Singapore will do their best to stay on top next season. We really hope we will have more clubs joining the project soon. What are the conditions to become a top club?
a) having organized 5 WASPA events in the previous season (*);
b) having 5 WASPA events in the agenda for the new season;
c) having premises for local development;
d) having at least 8 players in the WASPA ranking (we might change this point to 5 players).
(*): new clubs can also join if they have players ranked in the FISTF rankings.
Several clubs are for sure entitled to become "top clubs": Famagusta TFC, SC Flanders, Attard SC, Harrow Hawks TFC, Club Subbuteo Firenze, London Road SC, Derry City TFC, Pireaus Lions TSC, Kebun Baru SC, Grand Rapids TSC, Sydney TFC. If you are interested to join, drop me a line at;
- Special club projects: We have a Handbook but we remain Open to every proposal to make our circuit better. Some clubs have special requests and all ideas are welcome. For instance, the NETFA Brigantes (England) had a special circuit of "mini-leagues" under WASPA banner this season. For any idea, don't hesitate to drop me a line.
- WASPA events in FISTF tournaments: Many FISTF tournaments had some WASPA events besides the main categories. We must encourage organizers to continue to do that. Sometimes organizers are not aware WASPA or consolation events can be important. We need to support each other and see how we can make big events more attractive;
- Statistics: if anyone is interested to help to compile statistics, it would be more than welcome.

Action in Brisbane - Australia
Whatever happens, having a growing circuit is not the ultimate priority. Our priority is to have happy players who compete in the right level.

Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Keep an eye on the WASPA blog at as there are updates almost every day.
The FISTF website can be found here:

Players in Bande competing in the new WASPA top club of Wamme SC - Belgium
WASPA is also looking for partners. If you know any company ready to support us (we don’t ask for money but we want some win-win agreements so that we can promote each other), don't hesitate to contact me at  

Ideas to develop the WASPA circuit or to make things more attractive are always welcome. We stay at your disposal for more info.

Yours sincerely,
Vincent Coppenolle (

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