Sunday, 10 September 2017

Jayden vd Merwe wins again!

Saturday 9 September 2017, Pretoria, South Africa:
After almost 6 months of gruelling qualification matches, it was no surprise that the top 5 ranked PFC players qualified for the 2017 Champions League event.
The players got to play each twice in a home & away format with 2 points per win & 1 point per draw awarded - and the "head to head" rule applied if there were to be a tie after the league format of matches. Matches were played on the newly laid Champions League edition pitch in the Subbuteo range.
It was clear that the players were battling to adapt to this new pitch - evident by the fact that the event delivered only 19 goals scored over the 20 scheduled matches!
However, it appeared that both Jayden vd Merwe and Chessray Jooste were quick to adapt to the playing style of this pitch as they started to find the goals early and starting exerting their dominance on the standings. In fact, Jayden maintained the number one position on the standings from start to finish - emphasising that he indeed was quickest to adapt to the new pitch. In match 9, Jayden dispatched of Chessray by 1-0 with a fierce driven low shot in the final quarter of the allocated time! A result that would prove very significant especially with the possibilty of the "head to head" rule to determine the event winner.
Match 20 saw Jayden & Chessray square up again - the task was clear for Chessray as a 2-0 win for him would snatch the title from Jayden if the "head to head" rule were to be applied. Jayden surprised all present by going against his normal attacking style as he decided to play a very defensive game against the dangerous & free scoring Chessray - a tactical risk which paid off for Jayden as he held out for a 0-0 draw after Chessray was hugely unlucky to hit the post twice!
In so doing Jayden became the first player to have his name added to the Champions League trophy (a metal miniature replica version of the real trophy).
This is a trophy I'm predicting will become much sought after on the PFC calendar of events!
This triumph marks Jayden's 11th WASPA title to date, and by winning this event Jayden vd Merwe (ARSENAL) will be spared the agony of qualification for the 2018 event!
Next on the calendar - the Europa League on the 16th September 2016, another event which promises to bring some great excitement!

Thanks to all who attended and helped to make the day a huge success as always!
A special thanks to all who assisted in building the table over the past 2 weeks or so!

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