Monday, 4 September 2017

Another win for Rudy in Singapore

WASPA Satellite (3rd Sept 17) 

A tournament to encourage more game play was organised in the backdrop of TFAS Satellite tournament. 5 players (Isaac Lim, Yew Loy, Noor Haikal, Ezan & Muhd Firdaus) who did not qualify to the next stages of the Satellite event were joined with 3 other players (Anas, Bernard Lim & Rudy) who could not participate in Satellite, played in a 4 round Swiss format.

A few surprises but encouraging results notably the youngest player in the tournament, Isaac Lim, winning against Yew Loy & drawing against Haikal. Also not forgetting veteran player 😂 Ezan pulling an upset by drawing with Bernard Lim. However, in the end of the rounds, the two tournament favourites topped the table, with Rudy coming in 1st with 4 wins & Anas coming in 2nd with 3 wins.
Colored players attended the WASPA event


Round 1
Bernard 1 v 1 Ezan
Anas 3 v 0 Haikal
Rudy 5 v 0 Firdaus
Yew Loy 1 v 2 Isaac

Round 2
Rudy 1 v 0 Anas
Isaac 0 v 3 Ezan
Bernard 1 v 0 Yew Loy
Haikal 4 v 0 Firdaus

Round 3
Rudy 3 v 0 Ezan
Bernard 0 v 3 Anas
Haikal 2 v 2 Isaac
Firdaus 1 v 0 Yew Loy

Round 4 
Rudy 5 v 0 Haikal
Anas 3 v 1 Isaac
Bernard 4 v 0 Firdaus
Ezan 1 v 0 Yew Loy

Final Standing 
1st - Rudy (Jurong CSC)
2nd - Anas (Jurong CSC)
3rd - Bernard Lim (SG Lions TFC)
4th - Ezan (Jurong CSC)
5th - Isaac Lim (SG Lions TFC)
6th - Noor Haikal (Jurong CSC)
7th - Muhd Firdaus (Jurong CSC)
8th - Tan Yew Loy (SG Lions TFC)

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