Monday, 25 September 2017

Fernando Gomez first winner in Javea

Elena in action
On Saturday the club of "Marina Citerior" organized in Javea, Alicante, Spain, their first "MontGoal Tournament" of a series of events to be held every month. As a start is was a good day, even if there was a small field of six players. A couple of usual players were on a trip but generally speaking it was a funny Subbuteo event. The participants were from different countries and all ages were present. for the very first time, 2 representatives from Bulgaria were taking part!

The winner was Fernando Gomez, an experienced player, very active since decades and with few world cups participations on his shoulders. The final was against Pasquale Carrassi, who came back playing after thirty years of lethargy, and it was a equal match, so Pasquale was quite satisfied.

Photos and results available here:
Podium of the day

Alfie and Alex
During the next few weeks the club will start activities in a couple of local schools so hopefully that will increase the numbers of participants to future events.

Congratulations to Marina Citerior Subbuteo Club for the excellent work of promotion!

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