Saturday, 23 September 2017

Elliot wins it...but not tonight!

The first round of the (WASPA) 17/18 Harrow League, started last week at the Tithe Sport & Social Club.
The evening started with Elliott lifting the cup as a twice league winner in a row, but that aside, this wasn't gonna be his night, proving that if he wants to make the treble, this time will have to sweat a bit more than last year as the quality of the players got harder.
Elliott Bellefontaine
After 4 rounds of Swiss System, surprisingly and deservedly, the winner of the night was the Englishman, no not Panos or Rudi🙄, no, no Victor either, he's too english, and neither Luca, he's in Italy, but the Englishman in New York, well not that close but still, in America, Paul O'Donovan Rossa, yep, you read right, the english Yankee was still nice and warm from his performance at the recent World Cup in Paris that decided to leave the sign in Harrow, before heading back to Trump and his wall, and he did it in style.
Paul Odr started quietly, winning his first match vs Neil Doherty (2-0), then drawing in the battle of the Pauls, vs Paul Andreas (1-1), and considering PA hadn't play properly in a long time, nobody really thought ODR's performance was gonna be that impressive for the sessions to come. Instead he was just warming up for the big finale, in round 3 he went on beating the reigning champion (1-0), by that stage Rudi thought that the night was gonna be his as a draw would have been enough to guarantee himself the 15 points prize, ODR had a different plans and completed the opera by beating Rudi as well with the same score, for political correctness and making sure he wasn't doing any favouritism to anybody but himself...bugger!!!
ODR just was simply amazing all night, his blocks were second to none, the WC must have been a real workbench for him, well done👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Those bloody Americans coming over and taking our wins like that, go back to your country😜.
Rudi, the eternal second, done just that, ending 2nd again, he started with a rather surprising 4 nil win vs Panos, then went 2 nil up against Elliott, before Elliott woke up and came back to a draw with nearly a win in the last minute, beat Victor (2-0) in round 3, and couldn't managed to break trough ODR's impeccable defence, as said a draw would have guaranteed him the night but in all fairness, ODR's win wasn't just deserved but should have been way larger in score.
Third on the night a very impressive Marco Ghigliotti, if he hadn't lost in the second round to Victor (2-3), after starting with a draw (1-1) vs PA, and two wins in the last two rounds (3-0 and 2-1), vs Neil Doherty and Elliott, he could have finished 2nd or even winning it, but anyway, the new Hawks player showed that he will be a good addiction to the squad for the season to come, very few doubted that.
Good 4th place for PA, considering his troubled last couple of seasons due to injury, steady on Victor, 6th on the night, underachieving his potentials, a rather negatively surprising Panos 7th (just bad form), and last but not least, Neil (8th), but honestly this night, would have been really tough for him to come higher than that. He's improving and that's what really matters.
Anyway results and tables to follow and hopefully see you all and more at round 2 (TBA).

Session 1
Elliott v Victor 2-0
Panos v Rudi 0-4
Neil v Paul ODR 0-2
Paul A v Marco 1-1
Session 2
Elliott v Rudi 2-2
Paul A v Paul ODR 1-1
Marco v Victor 2-3
Panos v Neil 0-0
Session 3
Elliott v Paul ODR 0-1
Rudi v Victor 2-0
Paul A v Panos 2-2
Marco v Neil 3-0
Session 4
Rudi v Paul ODR 0-1
Elliott v Marco 1-2
Victor v Panos 0-0
Paul A v Neil 3-1

Table and standing
10 Paul ODR (15)
7 Rudi (12)
7 Marco (10)
6 Paul A. (8)
4 Elliott (7)
4 Victor (6)
3 Panos (5)
1 Neil (4)
(.) League Points

Round 2 of the WASPA 17/18 Harrow League, Wednesday the 4th of October at 7:30pm. As usual the venue is the Tithe Sport and Social Club in Rayners Lane. Everyone welcome, league players and not, other clubs players and not, boy and girls, old and youngster (like me), straight and not (like...), everyone!

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