Friday, 6 January 2017

Promotional event in Templeuve

Geoffrey Kelner - Fabrice Guyaux - Jean-Luc Platiaux - Damien Urbain
On December 17 the club of Templeuve was holding a national tournament with a total of 45 players. Players were divided in three categories according to the skill of the players. Rémy Huynh (Rochefort TS) was the Serie A champion while Bruno Timpano (Seraing) won the Serie B. The Serie C tournament was also a WASPA promotional event with 19 players competing in Swiss system. Fabrice Guyaux took the honors after winning his five games while Jean-Luc Platiaux, after losing his first games, won four games in a row to finish runner-up. The final standings were as follows:
1. Fabrice Guyaux (Etoile Sarthoise)
2. Jean-Luc Platiaux (Templeuve United)
3. Geoffrey Kelner (SC Seraing)
4. Damien Urbain (SC Eugies)
5. Dany Timmerman (Etoile Sarthoise)
6. Basile Magermans (JSC Rochefort)
7. Noah Denne (SC Eugies)
8. Aurélien Feye (JSC Rochefort)
9. Sébastien Denne (SC Eugies)
10. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United)
11. André Boltz (SC Eugies)
12. Florian Renaut (Templeuve United)
13. Benjamin Marain (SC Warcoing Ducks)
14. Henri Grosdent (Wamme SC)
15. Charlotte Bouchez (SC Eugies)
16. Alex Genart (SC Eugies)
17. Lucas Raison (SC Eugies)
18. Roman Vincke (SC Eugies)
19. Rafaël Midoux (AS Hennuyer)

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