Monday, 16 January 2017

Big fun under WASPA banner at the Belgian Grand Prix

This week-end more than 150 players met in Rochefort for the Belgian Grand Prix. It was a great tournament with an amazing feld of top players coming from many European nations. Besides the main tournament, organizers had several tournaments under WASPA banner. On Friday evening, there was a tournament played in Swiss system with an amazing field of 32 players. It would have been much better to play 5 sessions instead of 5 but time was missing. Rému Huynh from Belgium and Sergio Ramos from Portugal managed to win their four games. Due to a better goal-difference, Huynh was awarded the final win but both players deserved the victory. On Saturday, the consolation tournament of the Grand Prix was also interesting but some players chose to play only one or two games, which made the standings were a bit special. Josef Camilleri from Malta was awarded the win with 3 individual victories and a draw and more goals scored than Paul Naszalyi from France. Here again, both players would probably have deserved thewin. In such a special moment, results were not really important but thanks to the fantastic organisation of the RTS club and the positive attitude of all players, we know that Subbuteo was the real winner of the week-end. Thanks to all who helped to make this week-end something we'll remember for a long time!

Friday top players: Rémy Huynh and Sergio Ramos
Standings of the Friday tournament (all played 4 games):
1. Rémy Huynh (BEL)
2. Sergio Ramos (POR)
3. Florian Giaux (BEL)
4. Martin Antoine (BEL)
5. Vasileios Angelopoulos (GRE)
6. Vincent Coppenolle (BEL)
7. Justin Leroy (BEL)
8. Bruno Timpano (BEL)
9. Thierry Magermans (BEL)
10. Louison Giaux (BEL)
11. Thossa Büsing (GER)
12. Marcel Schulz (GER)
13. Jean Grosdent (BEL)
14. Frank Stiller (GER)
15. Christopher Sabetta (BEL)
16. Antonio Timpano (BEL)
17. Ahmed Choukri (BEL)
18. Corentin Wauthy (BEL)
19. Milan Knezevic (SER)
20. Basile Magermans (BEL)
21. Pedro Sampaio (POR)
22. Mathéo Grégoire (BEL)
23. Carolina Villarigues (POR)
24. Stilianos Matsopoulos (GRE)
25. Victoria Büsing (GER)
26. Uwe Stiller (GER)
27. Dimitrios Kourtis (GRE)
28. Geoffrey Kelner (BEL)
29. Matthias Averlant (BEL)
30. Luis Silva (POR)
31. Panagiotis Krommydas (GER)
32. Pedro Araujo (POR)

Saturday top 2: Paul Naszalyi (left) and Josef Camilleri

Standings of the Saturday tournament:
Thierry Vivron and Jean Grosdent
1. Josef Camilleri (MLT)
2. Paul Naszalyi (FRA)
3. Loris Léonard (BEL)
4. Richard Boulanger (BEL)
5. Jose Manuel Sanchez (ESP)
6. Thierry Vivron (FRA)
7. Alfonso Montano (ESP)
8. Jean Grosdent (BEL)
9. Geoffrey Marain (BEL)
10. Spyros Katsoulas (GRE)
11. Stylianos Matsopoulos (GRE)
12. Christophe Monteiro (FRA)
13. Antonio Timpano (BEL)
14. Milan Knezevic (SER)
15. Panos Krommydas (GER)
16. Panos Aliadis (GRE)
17. Dimitris Kourtis (GRE)
18. Emmanuel Gorgette (FRA)
19. Ludovic Midoux (FRA)
20. Uwe Stiller (GER)
21. Corentin Boltz (BEL)
22. André Boltz (BEL)