Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Monthly report of December 2016

Dear all, like every month, here are the monthly standings of the WASPA circuit.

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It has been another busy month with records of 31 extra tournaments (29 "regional", 2 "promotional").

Four clubs have organized their very first WASPA event:
Palmerston North SC (New Zeland)
JSC Rochefort (Belgium)
Sydney TFC (Australia)
Proteas Athens SC (Greece)

The first WASPA event in New Zealand
For the very first time, we have players from 47 different nations in the rankings. Since the WASPA circuit started in 2011, 50 different nationalities have been involved. Welcome to Mexico and India and thanks to Ignacio Campbell for introducing players from several nationalities during the event held in New Zealand (the very first "official" tournament ever held in the country).

Thanks to all the organizers who have helped to make WASPA a success story in 2016. The circuit has been growing and the Subbuteo community takes WASPA more and more seriously as our tournaments are more and more attractive.

Action in Melbourne, Australia
We have now 15 "top clubs" even if we are still waiting the full details for 3 of them.

In December the "WASPA Test Matches" have been launched. It's a new project to promote friendly relations between players from different countries or different areas. Sometimes, when two players from different countries meet, they find it difficult to know the standards of play in their respective countries. As WASPA is a good way to have players meeting for some games, we have started the idea of “test match series”. For instance, if a player from South Africa is travelling to Sydney, Australia on holiday, there is sometimes no opportunity to attend a tournament but it’s possible to contact a player from the home club to arrange a “test match series”. The “distance” criteria will remain open to interpretation (for instance 2 US players from different States can play “test match series”). See more details on the WASPA blog!

Christmas tournament in Auvelais, Belgium
Well, that's all for now. I hope you will love the statistics, results and rankings.

Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Flickers in Yokohama, Japan
Keep an eye on the WASPA blog at as there are updates almost every day.
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Ideas to develop the WASPA circuit or to make things more attractive are always welcome. We stay at your disposal for more info.

Yours sincerely,
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