Thursday, 29 December 2016

Home win for Valéry Dejardin

Last Friday the club of JSC Rochefort was hosting a second WASPA tournament in their premises with this time a superb field of 16 coming from four different clubs. After many great games in the group stage and in the classification round, Valéry Dejardin was the winner. He defeated Rémy Honet in the final.

The final standings were as follows:
1. Valéry Dejardin (JSC Rochefort)
2. Rémy Honet (JSC Rochefort)
3. Arnaud Robillard (JSC Rochefort)
4. Maxime Muraille (JSC Rochefort)
5. Christopher Sabetta (SC Seraing)
6. Olivier Saffer (JSC Rochefort)
7. Antonio Timpano (SC Seraing)
8. Didier Stévenot (JSC Rochefort)
9. Corentin Wauthy (Rochefort TS)
10. Nathan Dizier (JSC Rochefort)
11. Bruno Timpano (SC Seraing)
12. Richard Boulanger (SC Seraing)
13. Basile Magermans (JSC Rochefort)
14. Geoffrey Kelner (SC Seraing)
15. Pascal Droeven (SC Semois)
16. Aurélien Feye (JSC Rochefort)

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