Sunday, 18 December 2016

Adam Lundy wins in Worcester

Worcester River Plate 7 was holding a Christmas tournament on December 15. There was a small turnout of three and results were as follows:
Tim Lovell 1-1 Paul Shearman
Adam Lundy 4-1 Tim Lovell
Paul Shearman 1-1 Adam Lundy

The finals standings were as follows:
Adam Lundy 4 Pts
Paul Shearman 2 Pts
Tim Lovell 1 Pts

"This was the last time we are playing as Worcester River Plate 7, the club has now folded after 11 years of playing. We've had lots of fun over the years, but have decided now is the right time to finish. Our new club, West Midlands SC will take over", commented Adam Lundy.

Good luck to Adam, Paul and Tim for the future!

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