Sunday, 1 May 2016

Two great events in Rochefort

Friday night players
80 WASPA games have been play
ed this week-end during the FISTF Open week-end in Rochefort. The main event was just amazing with almost 100 players and 12 teams taking part but some extra events were played as well. On Friday night, organizers decided to have a WASPA tournament for players coming in advance to play some extra games and get used to the tables. After the four sessions of the Swiss system, only Philippe Roufosse managed to finish with 12 points. The player of SC Verviers Herve was therefore the final winner. To be noted the national champion (Rémy Huynh) and the national cup winner (Justin Leroy) were taking part but they lost their chances to win the event when they tied in the third session.

Corentin Wauthy vs Michaël Hallin
On Saturday, organizers hosted another WASPA tournament for players out in the first round of the Open, veterans and U19 sections. 22 players were taking part and local player Corentin Wauthy, who is a good U19 player, took the honors. He tied in a game with Michaël Hallin (SC Temploux) who was finally runner-up of the event.

It was a fantastic experience for WASPA to be included in a great tournament with a very high level of play and it was nice to have Greek and French players taking part.

Hervé Fino from Alsace (France) vs André Boltz
To be noted that three French players living in the far East of their country were playing their very first WASPA event and will try to set up their own club to try to have some connecions with Swiss neighbors from Basel in the near future.

Standings of the Friday night tournament (Swiss system - 4 games each):
1. Philippe Roufosse (BEL/SC Verviers Herve) GA: 7- Points: 12
2. Rémy Huynh (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: 8- Points: 10
3. Rémy Lours (FRA/FTC Caen) GA: 8- Points: 9
4. Geoffrey Marain (BEL/Flickers Milano) GA: 5- Points: 9
5. Martin Antoine (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: 4- Points: 9
6. Justin Leroy (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: 4- Points: 7
7. Rémy Honet (BEL/JSC Rochefort) GA: 4- Points: 6
8. Vincent Coppenolle (BEL/Templeuve United) GA: 4- Points: 6
9. Florian Giaux (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: 2- Points: 6
10. Loris Léonard (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: -3- Points: 6
11. Jean-Michel Cuenca (BEL/SC Verviers Herve) GA: 3- Points: 5
12. Raphaël Pommier (FRA/FTC Caen) GA: 1- Points: 4
13. Bryan Cabu (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: -5- Points: 4
14. Basile Magermans (BEL/JSC Rochefort) GA: -5- Points: 4
15. Benjamin Flamme (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: -8- Points: 3
16. Bryan Anciaux (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: -5- Points: 2
17. Martin Valentin (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: -10- Points: 1
18. Mike Bolle (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: -14- Points: 0

Players from SC Seraing: Bruno Timpano vs Ahmed Choukri
Greek player Serefiem Kontos vs Jean-Michel Cuenca
Standings of the Saturday event played as a consolation tournament of the FISTF Open (Swiss system - 4 games each):
1. Corentin Wauthy (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: 10- Points: 10
2. Michaël Hallin (BEL/SC Temploux) GA: 7- Points: 10
3. Bruno Timpano (BEL/SC Seraing) GA: 6- Points: 9
4. Spyros Katsoulas (GRE/Athinaikos CS) GA: 4- Points: 9
5. Serafiem Kontos (GRE/Athinaikos CS) GA: 6- Points: 8
6. Ralf Grégoire (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: 7- Points: 7
7. Eric Lienhardt (FRA/FTC Issy) GA: 4- Points: 7
8. Jean-Michel Cuenca (BEL/SC Verviers Herve) GA: 3- Points: 6
9. Paul Naszalyi (FRA/FTC Issy) GA: 2- Points: 6
10. Richard Boulanger (BEL/SC Eugies) GA: 2- Points: 6
11. Ahmed Choukri (BEL/SC Seraing) GA: -1- Points: 6
12. Benjamin Flamme (BEL/Rochefort TS) GA: -5- Points: 6
13. Antonio Timpano (BEL/SC Seraing) GA: 3- Points: 5
14. Quentin Van Glabeke (BEL/SC Eugies) GA: 2- Points: 5
15. Olivier Van Glabeke (BEL/SC Eugies) GA: -4- Points: 5
16. Kevin Zingle (BEL/SC Temploux) GA: -2- Points: 4
17. Dany Timmerman (BEL/Etoile Sarthoise VdS) GA: -3- Points: 4
18. Jérome Deffolin (FRA/-) GA: -4- Points: 4
19. Clovis Boesch (FRA/-) GA: -10- Points: 3
20. Hervé Fino (FRA/-) GA: -6- Points: 1
21. André Boltz (BEL/SC Eugies) GA: -7- Points: 1
22. Brian Sobcow (BEL/SC Temploux) GA: -14- Points: 0

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