Saturday, 14 May 2016

Rudy Hesty on top at Jurong Central

Friday the 13th, Jurong WASPA ironically attracted 13 players including Singapore Subbuteo Team Captain, Den Mulia. With no ranking deciding the placing of players, the luck of the draw decided players faith. Group A comprised of the new generation of club players with group B & C consisted of a nice mix of old & new flickers. Again, the letter 'D' spelled death for 3 Singapore top players, namely,  Den Mulia, Rudy & Anas, who were group together. With only 2 players from each group qualifying to the Cup quarterfinals, the games were played more tactically. End of group games, Ming Liang, Rizal Tayib & Nic Tan, topped their respective groups, Goal difference was the final decider separating Group 'D', with Anas followed by Rudy advancing to the Cup Quarter finals while Den Mulia had to settle for the consolation bowl rounds eventhought he was undefeated in the group stages.

Bowl Event
Den Mulia was to strong for his junior opponents, smashing 13 goals against 0 to win the bowl event.

Plates Event 
Fauzi avenged his defeat to recent Futures Champ Nic Tan by winning 1-0 on sudden death shots.

the Cup final
Cup Event 
The finale was once again between Anas & Rudy. The two top Jurong club players had earlier dished out 6 goals in their group game encounter and both again did not disappoint. Playing at fast pace, both players had their fair chances but in the end, Rudy clinical finishing edged out his club mate 3-1.
In the end, there were no major "flicking" casualties eventhought playing under the cloud of a dubbed cursed day. Happy Friday the 13th to all :-)

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