Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Melbourne WASPA: May 2016

Adam vs Juan
The tournament only consisted of 4 players, 3 adults and one junior. A round robin format was organised where we all play each once and top two go through for a grand final match. New rising star Juan, managed to secure 2nd place after defeating Adam in a penalty shootout. It panned out in a way where both players finished on equal points and goal difference. Adam played strongly against Luke where he managed to find the back of the net against the president’s iron curtain however Luke came out the victor 2-1. He found himself frustrated against Juan where he had majority of possession and scoring chances, but Juan managed to hold him off and he himself missed two decent opportunities near the end. Aidan Deverell managed to score twice in each fixture against his father and Juan in a losing effort, it was here where Juan notched an extra goal which tied him for second place after both players lost to Luke. Straight after their 0-0 draw, conveniently at the end of the round robin, they both went straight to penalties in which it resulted 2-1 in favour of Juan. The grand final did not provide a great underdog story much like Leicester City, where the experienced Luke Radziminski finished strongly in first place with a 4-0 win.

Luke's selfie during the play-off
(Report by Luke Radziminski)

1. Luke Radziminski
2. Juan Menendez
2. Adam Deverell
4. Aidan Deverell

Play-off: Juan Menendez Defeats Adam Deverell in a Penalty Shootout After they tied for 2nd place
Grand final: Luke Radziminski 4-0 Juan Menendez

Final Standings:
1. Luke Radziminski
2. Juan Menendez
3. Adam Deverell
4. Aidan Deverell

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