Saturday, 13 February 2016

Winning comeback for Christian Filippella

Newbury Park, California FISTF CHALLENGER 07/02/16
On Sunday February 7, 2016, the Southern California Subbuteo Club hosted the FISTF Challenger event in Newbury Park, California. The tournament also counted for the WASPA circuit. Seven competitors participated in the tournament, showcasing the return of Italian great, Christian Filippella.  In his first tournament in the United States, Christian defeated Paul O'Donovan Rossa 3-1 in the final, to capture the FISTF Challenger Championship.  Entering the semifinals, Christian won group A and Varant Kurkeyerian (USA) won Group B. In the semifinals, Christian defeated João Bruno Casaca (Portugal) 6-0 and Paul O'Donovan Rossa edged out Varant Kurkeyerian via penalties (6-5), after finishing the match 0-0.

(Report from the organizers)