Monday, 8 February 2016

Monthly report of January 2016

Dear all, you will find enclosed the updated WASPA results file and the Excel file with the rankings of January 2016.

PDF file of the Golden book
Excel file of the January rankings

This month, we broke a few records. I received results from 40 tournaments (!) but in reality only 38 were played in January as results from 2 events played in December had been forgotten last month and it was a pleasure to get them.

Continued development in Australia, here in Brisbane
Typing results, records, statistics and calculating points for 40 events (34 "regional", 4 "old rules", 2 "promotional events") took me a lot of time but in the end I was more than happy to do all the work.

Players from Johanneburg and Pretoria in South Africa
We had 82 new entries and the ranking has now 1653 ranked players from 41 nations. France and the Czech Republic held their first tournament of the season. 20 nations have already organized WASPA events this season.

Winners in Vienna, Austria
We had some special facts this month:
- the very first WASPA tournament in Volos (Greece) with promising hopes of having many more events there;
- South Africa had 4 events this month, which is proving things are moving down there;
- the Flickers Milano had a successful first event under WASPA banner;
- we are glad to welcome the club of BUSL 95 (from Boise, Idaho, USA) among the WASPA organizers;
- 6 tournaments have been played in Australia, which is also amazing. Special thanks go to Steve Dettre for organizing a fantastic week-end in Sydney with not only the FISTF Grand Prix of Australia but also several WASPA events to make sure everyone had many games;
- tournaments with the old rules have a growing success in Italy but the "Italian Championship" organized by Alberto Gagliardi had a real success with 44 entries. Well done!

Huger success for the old rules in Italy
I am very pleased to see the latest developments even if there are now big differences between active WASPA nations and some countries where the level of activity of very low. Ideas to make things more attractive are always more than welcome.

Players in Volos, Greece
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Vincent Coppenolle