Sunday, 14 February 2016

Number 50 for Geoffrey Marain

The 16 players after the 4th session
The Templeuve United club was holding their 5th tournament of the season this friday and this time there was an incredible field of 16 entries, including 6 players from France. There were many close games, several draws and nobody finished the evening with 4 lost games. Geoffrey Marain managed to win his 50th title in the WASPA circuit, which is a great achievement. Marain won his four games and even won the final games against Vincent Coppenolle by a clear 8-3. Coppenolle had some luck anyway as many games ended with a draw, which means 6 players tied with 7 points for the 3rd place. Alain Flament, who had a better goal difference, took the third place. Erwin Delaunoy was playing his first tournament in 10 years, Michel Einsle and Hervé Lesigne made their WASPA debut and Jean-Charles Kain and Eric Caillaux were playing their first "regional" tournament, just 2 weeks after they made their debut in a "promotional event". Templeuve United will hold another WASPA event on March 4, the day before the FISTF Major of Frameries. Interested players can contact Vincent Coppenolle at

Action in the hall
Top 3 of the evening
Final standings of the evening
1. Geoffrey Marain (Belgium/Flickers Milano) 12

2. Vincent Coppenolle (Belgium/Templeuve United) 9
3. Alain Flament (Belgium/SCAF Quévy) 7
4. Renald Deloose (Belgium/Templeuve United) 7
5. Hervé Lesigne (France/SCAF Quévy) 7
6. Stéphane Lambert (Belgium/Kent Invicta) 7
7. Eric Caillaux (France/-) 7
8. Jean-Marc Matha (France/SCAF Quévy) 7
9. John Verfaillie (Belgium/Templeuve United) 6
10ea. Olivier Bodelle (France/Templeuve United) 4
10ea. Erwin Delaunoy (Belgium/Templeuve United) 4
12. Benjamin Marain (Belgium/Warcoing Ducks) 4
13. Eddy Beernaert (Belgium/SC Flanders) 3
14. Michel Einsle (France/SCAF Quévy) 2
15. Jean-Charles Kain (Belgium/Templeuve United) 2
16. Grégory Sottiau (France/SCAF Quévy) 1